gouger for bassoon front

gouger for bassoon front

gouger for bassoon frontgouger for bassoon backgouger table clamps and hand tools


gouger for various types of bassoon, baroque bassoon and contra bassoon reed

€1.235,00 (excl. TAX) order support

gouger variants and parts


gouger for bassoon front
€1.235,00 (excl. TAX)

extended gouger

gouger for contraforte front
€1.290,00 (excl. TAX)

carriage set

gouger carriage set front
€279,00 (excl. TAX)

bed set

gouger bed set front
€144,00 (excl. TAX)

adjustable knife

gouger adjustable knife
€86,00 (excl. TAX)


knife for gouger
€74,50 (excl. TAX)


guillotine for gouger
€297,00 (excl. TAX)

cutting plate

cutting plate
€95,00 (excl. TAX)

carriage set upgrade

gouger carriage set upgrade
€183,00 (excl. TAX)